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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Last minute prep for UCEED 2017

Now that UCEED 2017 is almost just around the corner, here are some sample and previous year question paper for practice.

UCEED 2015 question paper
UCEED 2015 answer key

UCEED 2016 question paper
UCEED 2016 answer key

NID DAT 2017 question paper with solutions

Hello Everyone !
This is my first blog post ever! phew!

So, yesterday NID released its challenge-able answer key which had a few wrong answers and since everyone is curious I am posting the correct answer key according to my knowledge and fellow teachers so you can cross check your answers and challenge the questions accordingly. Hope this helps!

       If you still have any queries feel free to mail me via the contact me forum available on the right side of the page. Also if you have any special request for previous year question papers or solutions for any of the given fields feel free to drop a mail for that also. Thanks for reading and subscribe for updates.

*this answer key is totally based upon the knowledge of me and fellow teachers no guarantee assured.

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